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Vinyl Records are Fun

Vinyl records are one of the original formats that musical artists utilized to provide their music to consumers. Records were penned “vinyl”, because they are made out of vinyl material. All you need is a basic record player (turntable) to listen to your entire vinyl album collection. Vinyl records are unique because they play at a speed of 33 1/3 RPM, referring to their rotation speed on the turntable. With millions of albums available on vinyl, shopping for records and a wide variety of other items is especially fun at Dishfunctional, where you will enjoy a great experience browsing our extensive selection.

Vinyl records are an excellent choice for music enthusiasts. Many people believe that the sound quality of vinyl surpasses other formats, offering a richer listening experience. For those seeking affordable music options, vinyl is a great option. Each album typically features a variety of songs on each side, allowing you to enjoy tracks from your favorite artists. Additionally, vinyl albums often include rare gems from musicians and bands that are no longer together, making them uniquely interesting and collectible.

Caring for Vinyl Records

Vinyl records require basic care to maintain their sound quality. The grooves are essential, so keeping them free from scratches and dust is crucial. Always handle vinyl records by the edges, avoiding touching the grooves with your fingers to avoid oil  transfer. Store your records in LP protector sleeves, which fit inside the cardboard album cover. To avoid warping, store your records vertically rather than stacking them on top of each other .

Shopping for Vinyl Records

Vinyl records offer an array of choices, making it easy and affordable to build a collection . With albums available in every music genre, you can explore unique tunes  never heard before. Some records, especially from popular artists, are highly collectible. Shopping for vinyl records is a breeze. Purchasing several albums at once allows you to quickly build a diverse music library to enjoy.

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