WWB made a cameo many blue moons ago

The iconic Wedgwood Blue … It’s no coincidence that this magnificent color and the luxurious Wedgwood china and pottery creator share the same name.

In fact, Josiah Wedgwood actually invented the color during mixology experiments while perfecting Wedgwood Jasperware in 1770.

Jasperware is described as stoneware due to it’s unglazed matte finish. Originally made using blue, Jasperware has been produced in a number of different colors. Of the most common (you guessed it), are Wedgwood Blue. These amazing pieces are adorned with relief impression in contrasting color- typically white. Some refer to it as a “cameo effect”.

I’m calling it the Wedgwood version of Pate Sur Pate. Unless your name is
Jasper, it’s far more alluring than Jasperware huh?

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Another “potorius” and timeless creation by Josiah Wedgwood, is the ever- so-popular Queensware. A spinoff of creamware. Both are brilliantly glazed earthenware. “Queen’s Ware” was developed and named in honour of his patroness, Queen Charlotte.

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