Wow what a great weekend!

Another fabulous turnout for both of our stores. People loved the huge load of new inventory to choose from, along with our massive sale at the outlet!

We’re still going strong, so keep stopping by. It’s always a new adventure. You never know what you might uncover!

Thank you to all of you for helping support local merchants. Our existence hinges on pleasing you and you are very much appreciated.

Alfred is also boasting about his appreciation for the store team, who have been working hard unloading inventory, pricing and stocking all the new goodies in both stores. A special thanks to Kim Zachary, Alfred’s dedicated and experienced manager and… work wife? 😂 or so he thinks.

Tea for Two: The Chronicles of My Work Wife by Alfred Rasch

Picture this: it’s Monday morning, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee is in the air. As I step into the enchanting world of my vintage china and housewares store, I can’t help but smile because I know my “work wife” is already here, ready for another day of teacup adventures.

You see, in the realm of mismatched saucers and delicate porcelain teapots, I have found my partner in china crime. We’re not just co-workers; we’re tea-cohorts, dish-duo, and vintage vixens rolled into one.

Chapter 1: The Art of Sipping and Gossiping🫖

Our day usually begins with a cup of Earl Grey and some good-old-fashioned gossip about the latest arrivals in the store. “Did you see that floral-patterned gravy boat from the ’40s? Simply scandalous,” we’d whisper behind a stack of bone china.

Chapter 2: The Great Plate Swap🍽️

One of our favorite games is the “Great Plate Swap.” This involves rearranging the display in subtle ways to create wonder and spark creativity. We mix and match and we’ve turned soup bowls into fruit bowls, dessert plates into wall art – the possibilities are endless. The look on some faces is priceless.

Chapter 3: The Tea Party Showdown🍵

Occasionally, we indulge in the ultimate showdown: a tea party with our vintage treasures. We invite unsuspecting customers to join us for a spot of tea. It’s like a scene from a whimsical movie, and we’re the hosts with the most.

Chapter 4: The Hidden Treasures🔍

We’ve discovered some hidden gems amidst the stacks of teacups. A signed note under a teapot lid, a love letter tucked inside an antique sugar bowl – each piece comes with its own mystery, and we’re the detectives.

Chapter 5: The Inevitable Breakage😱

Of course, with vintage china comes inevitable breakage. Our work-wife bond is truly tested during these moments. Who can glue the teapot back together seamlessly? Who can keep a straight face when explaining to the boss how the Ming Dynasty vase mysteriously shattered?

In the world of Dishfunctional vintage china and housewares, a Dynamic Dish-Duo doesn’t necessarily mean strategics and sharing the workload; today it’s about sharing laughter, adventure, and the joy of discovering the hidden stories behind each piece. So, Hear! Hear! to Kim Z, Alfred’s partner-in-china-crime – together, they continue to sip, gossip, and make Monday and other mornings at Dishfunctional unforgettable.

Here with us to spill the tea is DF videographer, Kim Fellows, who creatively put together the first of her “Between 2 Plates” series for your watching pleasure. I hope you share the same humor and enjoy the works of Alfred’s talented staff as much as he does! 😊 Thank you to all!