Which key is it?

Is Success the key to your Happiness or is Happiness the key to your Success?


Happiness is a choice. Success is a choice.

You hold the key, where do you fit?

To all of our entrepreneurial philanthropical artistical caring and talented current & future clientele,

If you run or own a resale business, restaurant, catering business, rental hall, operate a mosaic or other creative upcycling or crafty business, stage homes, are a professional photographer, a window display designer, a prop master, set designer, a collector, a teacher, run a library, or involved in a church or other cause in need of bulk items, let us know. We have tea cups, stemware, dishes, books, artwork… and the list goes on. Visit us and stock up on items you need in time for your holiday functions! We would be happy to negotiate an exceptional deal! We thrive on making people smile 😁

We love what we do. We hope you love what you do too.

Dishfunctional is a distributor to local businesses such as allthatrage.com and larger distributors such as replacements.com. We operate retail and online stores. Our home base and ebay shipping center are located in the Lincoln Court Shopping Plaza in Malvern, PA.

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We would love to hear from you and post and tag you or your photos or stories involving items purchased from us that were incorporated in your celebrations, work, home décor, or business projects you have conquered. We want to celebrate you and it helps us too. Lets create a win-win. Email your pictures, videos, articles or write-ups to dishfun1@gmail.com titled “ Happy success

Our ebaystore is a separate inventory of items. Our retail storesare packed with more. We also have inventory in storage waiting to be claimed!