So.. whatdaya' do with all this stuff?

A cluttered kitchen can make meal prep feel like a daunting task. But fear not! You don’t need fancy organizers to declutter your kitchen. Everyday items can be repurposed to create a well-organized cooking haven.

Tidy Up with Everyday Items

Kitchen & Other Organization Hacks

Organization bins

Here are some clever solutions to help you make the most of what you have:

  1. Magazine Holders: Tired of your reusable water bottles falling out of the cabinet or tumbling over? Use magazine holders turned on their side and neatly stack water bottles for easy view and access.
  2. File Holders for Baking Sheets: Don’t let baking sheets and cutting boards clutter your cabinets. Use file holder racks to keep them upright and easily accessible.
  3. Tension Rods Under the Sink: Tension rods are perfect for creating additional storage space under your sink. Hang cleaning supplies or spray bottles for a neat and tidy cabinet.
  4. Utensil Trays for Office Supplies: Old utensil trays can be used to organize office supplies like pens, pencils, and sticky notes. Give your junk drawer a makeover!
  5. Ice Cube Trays for Small Items: Ice cube trays are perfect for sorting small items like earrings, screws, or even spice packets. They fit neatly in drawers and keep everything in its place.
  6. Magnetic Spice Jars: Empty baby food jars with magnetic lids can become handy spice containers. Stick them to the fridge or inside cabinet doors for easy access to your favorite seasonings.
  7. Egg Cartons for Drawer Organization: Egg cartons are great for organizing small items in drawers, such as jewelry, screws, or beads.
  8. Shoe Organizer for Pantry Items: Hang a clear shoe organizer on the pantry door to store snacks, spices, or even cleaning supplies. It keeps everything visible and within reach.
  9. Wire Risers: Wire risers are a great way to utilize height and separate different size plates or bowls.
  10. Wire Baskets: Use hanging wire baskets to keep storage container lids organized and secure.
  11. Suction Cups or Stick-On Hooks: Attach suction cups or adhesive hooks to the inside of cabinet doors to hold pot lids, potholders, or utensils for freeing up valuable cabinet space.
  12. Shower Caddies for Cleaning Supplies: Hang a shower caddy over your cabinet door to keep cleaning supplies organized and easily transportable.
  13. Pegboard for Utensils: Mount a pegboard on the kitchen wall to hang your pots, pans, and utensils, creating a functional and decorative storage solution.
  14. Desk organizer: Desk organizers are a great way to keep square storage container lids in order by size.

Organize ideas

Organize ideas

With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform everyday items into efficient kitchen organizers. These and other simple hacks not only help declutter your space but also make cooking and meal prep less hectic. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to a well-organized culinary haven!



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