We want to spice up your Cinco de Mayo and make you want to break out into a La Bamba dance! 🎭💃🏻

The “fifth of May” is a fun & festive day to celebrate with colorful decorations, great food, and music!

Dish FUNctional can help bring “fun” to the table** **Add Cinco de Mayo Place Settings, Colorful Drinkware, set out your tasty food spread or serve it on Festive Platters and Bowls. Need a quick and easy way to decorate? Floral Centerpieces are a definite winner. We have a really nice selection of vases, along with a ton of other receptacles that can be used for flowers and plants to create unique displays.

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Here is a peak at some of the great merchandise sold in our outlet store

It’s worth checking out. Especially in the next 3 days!

Authentic Mexican recipes Made right from home So Good!

Street Tacos


How to Prepare Street Tacos

Grilled Street Corn


How to Prepare Street Corn

Delicious Margarita


How to Prepare Agave Margarita

A fun way to tag your drink…

Tap the button to learn about the significance and meaning behind Cinco de Mayo:

History of Cinco de Mayo

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Sale ends May 7th