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A drive-in favorite🍿🥤

For those of the age to remember drive-in theatres and the movie, THE BLOB, or have at least heard about it… Did you know this 1958 sci-fi classic, starring Steve McQueen in his big role, was filmed in Phoenixville, Downingtown, Chester Springs, and other parts of Chester County?!

That’s right! In fact, the Colonial Theatre, the old historic movie house in Phoenixville was the location of one of The Blob’s most iconic attack scenes. 📽️💩

The Colonial Theatre , located at 227 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, was built in 1903, as “Colonial Opera House” and was a preeminent venue for movies, traveling shows and live entertainment throughout the 20th century. This iconic theatre continues to operate.o And yes, they still have air conditioning.❄️ So if you’re looking for something fun and different to do while cooling off from the summer heat, check out show times and ticket information here:

Show Times & Tickets

Dishfunctional is an 18 minute cruise down 29 to Colonial Theatre, so stop by to complete a full day of nostalgic bliss. We have A/C too!