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Holloware refers to various items of tableware and serving pieces that are made of various metals. Unlike flatware, which includes items like forks, knives, and spoons, holloware includes three-dimensional items with hollow spaces.

Holloware is often characterized by intricate designs and craftsmanship, making it not only functional but also decorative. It adds an element of sophistication to formal dining and special occasions. Traditional materials for holloware include silver, silverplate, pewter, and sometimes other metals, each contributing to the overall aesthetic and value of the piece.

Holloware is used for decorative purposes and for serving food and beverages. Common examples of holloware that you will find at Dishfunctional include:

  1. Tea and Coffee Pots

  2. Pitchers

  3. Platters

  4. Bowls

  5. Chafing Dishes

  6. Trays

  7. Candle Holders and Candelabras

  8. Butter Dishes

  9. Cream and Sugar Bowls

  10. Salt and Pepper Shakers

  11. Bottle Coasters

Silverplated vintage holloware store display

Step into timeless elegance and explore our vintage pewter and silverplate holloware collections, where you will find enchanting and exceptional pieces– Because every gathering deserves a touch of vintage glamour and you deserve to be served from a silver platter!

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