The countdown has begun

Will we have a white Christmas? Who knows. What we know for sure is that it’s on its way no matter what. 15 days and counting!

Are your eyes tired of navigating through stores, price comparing, surfing through a web of links, and keeping track of shopping carts you hope don’t expire on the internet? Up against shipping deadlines? Worried about the quality or condition of something you’re thinking about purchasing online because you can’t see it in person?

Take some of the stress off your plate and check out Dishfun to see how much you can cross off your gift and shopping lists. We have a ton of merchandise waiting for you. Don’t see it in the store? Please ask. We have a very large inventory.

On the 15th day of Christmas, Santa gives to you…

15 reasons to visit our store

FIFTEEN: Great prices

FOURTEEN: Fun shopping

THIRTEEN: Unique merchandise

TWELVE: Variety

ELEVEN: Convenient location

TEN: Large parking area

NINE: Gift cards

EIGHT: Large inventory

SEVEN: Organized displays

SIX: All payment methods accepted

FIVE: Open 7 days

FOUR: Supports local business

THREE: Grateful Owner

TWO: Helpful staff

ONE: Friendly atmosphere

Fifteen wonderful reasons and fifteen holiday shopping days to browse on through…


Lincoln Court Shopping Center

225 Lancaster Avenue

Malvern PA


DEC 21st thru DEC 23rd 8 to 6

DEC 24th 8 to 3

DEC 25th Closed

DEC 26th Closed

Dec 31st 10 to 3

Jan 1st Closed


MONDAY thru SATURDAY 10 to 6

SUNDAY 11 to 3