Straight Up or On the Rocks? 🏔️

Make it a Sunday Dish-Funday! Indulge in the Ultimate Sip. Straight Up or On the Rocks!

There’s a timeless pleasure in savoring your favorite beverage- be it a fine whiskey, a velvety smooth scotch, a classic bourbon, vino, or a mock tail.

No matter what quenches you or satisfies your tastebuds, how you enjoy it matters just as much as the drink itself. That’s why I’m excited to share some fantastic stemware and glassware finds from DishFUNctional, Dish Too Outlet, and the DishFUN Ebay Store.

An enticing reminder

that this is the last day of the 25% OFF

Waterford Sale

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We open at 11AM and close at 3PM today!

Whether you prefer your drink neat or on the rocks, the right glass can make all the difference. Elevate your sipping experience and explore these exquisite options to complement your favorite libations. Cheers to enjoying your drink in style! 🥃 Hope You Have a Relaxing Sunday!

Keep scrolling for a sampling of the 100s of glassware items featured on 🛒Dishfun Ebay Store

These and more are available for local purchase at a discount and no shipping costs, or make an online offer and purchase for home delivery.

If you don’t see your mixology favorites, ask us. Serving up “😀s” is something we “❤️”to do. Cheers to you!