Spring has sprung. Hello garden 👋🏻

You do not need a green thumb to keep these babies looking good!


It’s that time of the year. Ready, set, get out in the yard and spruce up the garden or your entrance areas.

Yard ornaments are becoming increasingly expensive. How about upcycling some of what you have at home or stopping by Dishfunctional for supplies? A one-stop-shop for dishes, candle holders, bowls, napkin rings, tea cups, tea pots and more.

The stem: Copper pipe, pvc pipe, rebar rods, garden stakes, wooden dowels, curtain rods, branches, wrought iron, or any other suitable and sturdy object.

The glue: E6000, marine-grade glue, waterproof advanced window silicone, JB clear weld quick set epoxy, or any other strong-hold waterproof glue.

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