A Mix Up That Ends Well

We’re here once again to explore the art of mixing and matching tableware to create unique and charming table settings. Vintage tableware adds character and a sense of unique character to your dining experience, making every meal feel special.

Here Are Some Mixing and Matching Tips:

1. Choose a Color Palette. Start by selecting a color scheme that will tie your tablescape together. This could be a range of complementary colors like blue and white or green and brown earth tones, or use varying shades of a single color.

2. Combine Patterns. Mixing patterns adds visual interest and a playful touch to your table setting. Here are some pattern combinations to consider:

- Florals and Stripes. Pair delicate floral patterns with bold stripes for a balanced and visually appealing look.

- Geometric and Paisley. The structured lines of geometric patterns can complement the intricate details of paisley designs.

- Toile and Polka Dots. The classic and detailed scenes in toile patterns can be contrasted with the simplicity of polka dots.

3. Vary Texture and Material. Combine different textures and materials for a rich and layered effect. Mix porcelain with stoneware, or pair shiny finishes with matte ones.

4. Balance Bold and Subtle. If you have a piece with a bold pattern or color, balance it with more subtle or neutral pieces. This prevents the table from looking too busy and keeps the focus on the standout items.

5. Layer. Create depth by layering different plates, bowls, and chargers. For example, start with a neutral charger, add a patterned dinner plate, and top it off with a coordinating salad plate or bowl.

Examples of Pattern Combinations
To inspire your next table setting, here are some specific examples of vintage tableware patterns that work beautifully together:

Blue Willow and Solid White. Blue Willow’s intricate blue and white design pairs beautifully with solid white plates. This combination creates a timeless and elegant look.

Chintz Floral and Gingham. A busy chintz floral pattern can be complemented by the simplicity of gingham. Use the gingham as a tablecloth or napkin to tie the look together.

Art Deco and Minimalist White. Art Deco patterns with their bold, geometric designs can be paired with minimalist white plates. This combination adds a touch of modernity to the vintage pieces.

Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian. Mid-century modern patterns, often featuring abstract shapes and muted colors, can be paired with Scandinavian designs that emphasize simplicity and functionality.

Victorian Roses and Lace. Victorian-era patterns with delicate roses and intricate details can be paired with lace-inspired patterns for a romantic and look.

Mix and match table setting

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what Architectural Digest has to say: “There was a time when breaking out the fine china meant outfitting the table with five- or six-piece setting in perfectly matched porcelain, often obtained via wedding registry or passed down through generations. In today’s world, though, we tend to be a bit more flexible, which leaves room for creative combinations of tabletop arrangements. But when it comes to etiquette, we wondered: Is it okay to break with tradition? To find out, we asked some of our favorite designers what they thought. Their answer: a resounding “yes!” Though it’s clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that mixing is a do, there’s an art to doing it right.”

Final thoughts…
We often hear that people donate, sell and give away family china because they don’t have anyone to hand it down to. The mix and match concept could be particularly appealing to younger generations who may not see the value in inheriting traditional family heirloom china. By mixing modern and vintage, they can have the best of both worlds and uphold family tradition. It’s also a fantastic budget-friendly option to staging weddings and important dinner parties, adding a newfound appreciation and motivation to accept these cherished family sets. In the future, they may find even greater happiness in having done so.

Mixing and matching allows you to create a table setting that is uniquely yours. It’s a wonderful way to showcase your personal style and bring a touch of romance and artistry to your meals.

At Dishfunctional, we provide a wide array of patterns and colors in tableware. By investing in a few new dishes, bowls, glasses, or utensils to complement what you already have, you can completely transform the presentation of your dining experience affordably and with little effort. In addition to reviving your china, it’s also a great way to dress up your everyday dishes!