Rise and shine. You slayed Monday!

Did you know the name Tuesday derives from the Old English Tiwesdæg, which means “Tiw’s Day”? Tiw is the Old English form of the Proto-Germanic god, Tîwaz- the Roman god of war.

Tiwaz the god of war and justice

Tiwaz is said to be the oldest of the Germanic pantheon. He was the god of war and justice and may have been worshipped since the Bronze Age. His name dates back to the Yamnaya people (proto-indo Europeans).

Tuesday is deemed, by some, as the most productive day of the week. So while you’re busy being productive today, and hopefully not wielding a dueling sword, check out some of the new listings on the Dishfun eBay store. Shop by category or key words!

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⚔️ Looks like something Tiwaz would drink out of doesn’t it? This would be a cool prop for a renaissance festival! We sell all sorts of things!

Vintage Horn Flask For a King (Tap photo for details)

Pennyslvania Renaissance Faire

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Mount Hope Estate, Manheim, PA The stages come to life with scores of unique entertainers, including musicians, magicians, comedy acts, and more! The faire also features workshops, demonstrations,and hosts a ton of vendors.

Castle gates open August 19th and remain open on Saturday and Sundays through October 29, 2023.

Hope you have a fantastic Tîwaz Day!