'Petal' to the metal February 11th. COME CHECK IT OUT!! 🌺

We planted the seed and for 3 days…

Dishfunctional’s pre-Valentine’s Day Sale will be in full bloom beginning on Sunday! 🌹🌹🌹

😍Must-Haves For February and All Year Long😍

Opaque red vase

Enjoy a heartwarming 35% discount on all vases. Whether you’re surprising your special someone or adding a romantic touch to your home, our collection offers wonderful options for every occasion.

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Plus don’t miss out on the Jewelry Show we’re hosting on Sunday the 11th! This sale and event is a winning combo that flips the script from “pedal to the metal” to ‘petal’ to the metal 🤣! See you there! 🌷💍🏎️💨

Silver cuff bracelet etched with hearts and symbols

Green blue and yellow Asian vase pair