Peek a boo

Most people play hide and seek & only break out the crystal on special occasions.

These beauties don’t need an elegant affair or special occasion to romance themselves into your sphere. They are priced so affordably; You will want to treat yourself and leave them out without worrying. So go ahead and add a little sophisticated touch, elegance, or romance to whatever day you please. We think you deserve it!

“ Crystal glass has long been associated with high-end dining, but why is it considered more luxurious than standard glass?

When comparing glass vs crystal, crystal is a type of glass that contains strengthening minerals like lead-oxide, potassium carbonate, and silica to make the material durable. The added strength allows the crystal to be molded into thin, delicate shapes. Standard glass is usually made with sand, soda ash, and limestone, making it durable but unable to be molded as thin as crystal. Crystal is also able to refract light while glass will typically lack that ability” ~Web Restaurant Store| Food Services Resource | Blog

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