Bob Barker, Monty Hall, Alfred Rasch?

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We’re not talking about the two game shows some of us knew and loved. We’re bringing something else to the table today. Alongside our selling endeavors, we’re actively engaged in purchasing goods from several avenues as well. This is how we source our inventory, ensuring a diverse and eclectic selection for our customers.

So how valuable would you say your tableware is? When it comes to pricing, it’s important to distinguish between value and worth, as they can differ significantly.

Value refers to what something means to an individual or society, rather than a fixed number. For example, emotional attachment makes an item feel valuable to the individual cherishing them, even if others wouldn’t see its worth. Similarly, personal preferences can influence perceptions of value. For instance, while some may prize high-end crystal pieces, others might not see the appeal.

On the other hand, worth is determined by the owner’s or buyer’s perspective and what they’re willing to pay or accept in a transaction. Ideally, you’d find a buyer who shares your appreciation for the china and agrees with the price you’ve set. However, this alignment isn’t always easily achieved.

In many cases, people selling china may overvalue it due to sentimental reasons or financial need. References like can provide general insight but don’t always reflect true market value, especially when selling entire sets versus individual pieces. In addition, they only purchase specific items based on demand and the demand for specific patterns is ever-changing.

To price china effectively, you can research makers and patterns on platforms like EBay, but the most accurate way to research is to use sites where you can consult local experts, or to study buying guides. This eliminates false hope, as you may be dealing with a replica or reproduced pattern of lesser value. Backstamp markings and their color (maker marks), the age of the china, and where it was manufactured can also be significant factors as well. Condition is also an obvious factor as well. It may take some time and energy, but eventually, you’ll find the right price where both you and the buyer feel satisfied. Ultimately, china is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so finding the right buyer is key.

We have been doing business for over 25 years and are a trustworthy reliable buyer who prices items based on all things considered. We also need to earn a profit to stay in business. We profit from most items, others we may buy at cost as a courtesy based on your circumstances- when and if we can.

We funnel a lot of merchandise through our store. We sell items based on the purchase price and offer regular sales. Sometimes we do well and sometimes we don’t. Buying and selling are equally important. We have a large back-inventory. It is our hope that making fair offers based on our experience will encourage people to also consider buying from us and want to help put our name out there as a reliable source.

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As the season of Spring inspires us to declutter and clean and this time of year is ever-popular for moving, we get a lot of phone calls from sellers. Please understand the importance of selective purchasing to manage our burgeoning inventory. Currently, we’re directing our attention towards acquiring distinctive furniture pieces, genuine antiques, exquisite jewelry, and sought-after brands and patterns in china, glassware, and silverware that maintain their value or are experiencing a surge in popularity. Some notable names on our radar include Wedgwood, Johnson Brothers, Spode, Bernardaud, Royal Copenhagen, Fenton, Murano, McCoy, Wallace, Stieff, Reed & Barton, and Tiffany.

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All inquiries are by appointment-only and processed via email. Please don’t call our retail store about selling. Use our website “Contact” and “Looking To Sell?” links to complete our Intake Form and attach photos. Please note we buy outright. We are not a consignment shop.

Before we bid farewell, there’s one more thing we’d like to address. Despite our growing popularity, there are still many potential shoppers who haven’t yet discovered us. We’re eager to gather feedback from our loyal followers regarding the most effective advertising channels to raise awareness about our brand. If you have preferred methods for receiving sale information or other announcements from your other favorite shops, or social media groups you follow, we’d greatly appreciate hearing about them.

Your support means the world to us, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon!