Not just any red box 🎁

Hey everyone, we are hosting a weekend sidewalk sale! All items outside are $5 per red bin ($6 if you find enough to stack it high)! Are you familiar with the Candyman song that says “you can even eat the dishes”? Well you can’t eat the dishes, but “you can even buy the red bin” for $2. Nice stackable bins to organize your storage.

All you treasure hunters and bargain shoppers come on down to Dishfunctional and fill your red bin(s) with all types of goodies included in our outdoor Sidewalk Sale!

Don’t forget to check out what’s inside while you are here. As you may already know, our huge inventory of amazing items is priced to sell, constantly moving, and we restock daily! We definitely have some pretty cool and unique vintage merchandise. As a matter of fact, we just put out a professional DJ Turntable to go with some great vinyl albums for you music fans. We also have a nice cassette player/recorder for those who haven’t parted with their tape collection. If you have, we sell them too!

Our front display is currently adorned with some unused and gently used games. It looks like Santa’s workshop around here! We also filled up some more $1 bags of jewelry.

Dishfunctional 126 South Franklin St, West Chester, PA

Free offstreet parking