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We sell previously owned merchandise through eBay and Amazon Books out of our inventory warehouse located in West Chester. We also maintain a storefront that is open most Saturdays. Visit us on FaceBook for store hours or contact us by phone.

We acquire goods by helping people in the process of downsizing and liquidating estates.

There are many items that we buy outright. They include china, crystal, flatware (sterling, silver-plated and stainless steel), and some artwork, jewelry & collectibles. We value items at wholesale pricing. The remaining items are sent to auction. These items can go to up to four or five different auction houses- depending on the type of item and marketability. This is accomplished by way of referral to an independent contractor who arrives at your location with his crew to pack, load and deliver the items to the auction house(s). Our designated contractor has over 35 years of experience in the business, and his rates are some of the most favorable and reasonable in the region. Upon completion, our contractor provides us with an invoice for their service, which we pay upfront and then deduct from auction proceeds. Once everything sells at auction, the net proceeds are paid to DishFunctional. From those net proceeds, the moving expenses and any dump fees are deducted, and the remaining balance gets divided 50/50 between the owner or estate and DishFunctional.

126 South Franklin Street, West Chester PA 19382