Leggo my Lego 🧇

Did you know we have vintage toys in our inventory treasure chest? If you are a collector, have a child or teen looking for a challenge, or if Legos straight-up still bring out in the kid in you, let us help you gather the missing pieces.

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A peak at some of what we are selling. Tap photo for details & buy online or set up local pick up. ** **CALL 484-328-8401

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The Lego Club at the Malvern Public library meets in the sunroom on April 25th from 4:30 to 5:30 School age children are invited to build a design of their choosing and have their creations displayed in the children’s area until the next club meeting. Contact the library to reserve seats or register through the library website ➡️ https://ccls.libcal.com/event/10523606

Fun Fact: More than 380 million metric tons of plastic is produced worldwide each year. Lego is responsible for 100,000 metric tons of it. After 72 years and billions of interlocking polymer toy bricks, the company finally found an ecofriendly alternative by using recycled bottles.

➡️In our latest blog we mentioned we were having a weekend event⬅️

The missing piece to that puzzle is coming soon, so please remember to check your messages for details!!