Jumpin' Jack Flash...

Did you know Jack is actually a real person? Jagger woke up on a rainy night and heard the sound of boots near the window, belonging to Richards’ gardener, Jack Dyer. When Mick asked Keith what the sound was, he said “Oh, that’s Jack. That’s jumping Jack”; And the rest is history.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash… We’ve got lots of GLASS GLASS GLASS!!! Jump in your car and hit the gas gas gas!

Our sale is rolling on… Take 40% OFF all glass and crystal items in the store through Sunday August 8th. We are open until 5pm!

One of today’s customers said: “this place is a gold mine”. How about that for a compliment?! We love it!!! Come visit us! We’re in downtown West Chester with a free parking lot!

Dishfunctional 126 S. Franklin Street, West Chester, PA. We sell a whole lot more than dishes. TGIF! Hope to see you soon… Have a great weekend!

Photo credit and ownership goes to emaze (article link embedded above). Our video credit goes to Kim Fellows of #TheMerchantofMenaceReimaginersGallery in West Chester, PA.