Jitomate, Tomates..Tomayto, Tomahto 🍅

Some say its a fruit, as it’s the “berry” of the tomato plant. Most of us know it as a vegetable. A vegetable discovered by people of Mexico- Aztecs to be more precise. That would make sense, since it is a staple ingredient in mexican dishes. The plant was brought to Europe for trade. The Italian people cooked up a storm and so did many others🍝. Think of all the things we wouldn’t have wit out maters… no spaghetti sauce (gravy), no pizza, no ketchup, no salsa… on and on.

As we all know, this primary and popular vegetable eventually made its way around the world and remains a culinary favorite! So glad they rolled our way!

This weekend is the Malvern Farmers Market Tomato Fest, an omnium gatherum of vendors, workshops, yoga, fitness, kids activities and so on. A 2-mile, 5-minute car ride from Dishfunctional. Stop by and see us while you’re in the neighborhood!

MFM Hours & Directions

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