It’s Sweata’ Weatha’ 🍁🍂

Discovering Culinary & Household Treasures: Between 2 Plates Series with Kim and Alfred

Are you tired of the same old cooking and home shows? Looking for a fresh, engaging, and informative series that combines food, humor, and all things considered? Look no further! DishFunctional has introduced an exciting new video series called “Between 2 Plates,” where hosts, Kim and Alfred, serve up a delectable blend of insights into store inventory and new goodies each week.

In a world filled with countless TV shows, “Between 2 Plates” stands out as a unique and entertaining experience. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Kim and Alfred, the series brings a fresh perspective to the world of kitchen and home essentials and collectibles.

Instead of your typical home decor, Kim and Alfred take their viewers on a journey into the heart of a vintage store. It’s a virtual adventure that promises to delight home enthusiasts.

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Each episode of “Between 2 Plates” is a delightful blend of laughter, discovery, and exploration. Kim and Alfred’s chemistry on screen is infectious, making you feel like you’re right there with them, exploring the aisles and displays of a vintage wonderland. They approach each new, practical, and unique item, and store variety, with enthusiasm and a sense of curiosity and humor that is nothing short of contagious.

One of the most appealing aspects of this series is its focus on variety. Every week, Kim and Alfred introduce viewers to new items, trends, and hidden gems from the store’s inventory. Whether it’s exotic art, an artisanal of china and glass, or kitchen gadgets and bakeware, you can trust them to provide insightful commentary and fun experiences that will leave you curious, puts a smile on your face, makes you want to flex your shopping muscles, or gets your taste buds tingling.

But what sets “Between 2 Plates” apart is its accessibility. This FREE series is readily available for your viewing pleasure on Shopdishfun Instagram, Dishfun Pinterest Board, Dishfun Blog Page, DishFunctional YouTube Channel, and @Dishfunctional1 on Twitter. They break down the barriers between the usual and the unusual, ensuring that everyone, from novice to seasoned collectors of eclectic and great finds, can enjoy and learn from their adventures and items highlighted.

As a viewer, you’re not just watching a show; you’re part of a community that celebrates the joy of rediscovering. Kim and Alfred encourage viewers to share their thoughts, ask questions, and even suggest items for future episodes. It’s a collaborative journey where everyone’s taste buds and knowledge are valued.

In a world weekly shows, “Between 2 Plates” offers a refreshing change of pace. It’s a place where the love of discount home decor takes center stage, and the hosts are your friendly guides on a fun expedition into sneak previews of amazing finds. 🙌🏻

So, if you’re ready to embark on the DishFunctional adventure through the world of delights, join the series. Tune in each week to explore new store inventory, discover exciting interesting items, and share in the laughter and joy that this delightful series serves up.

Episode 2: “It’s Sweata Weatha!” 🍂🤣

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