How do your flowers grow?

Water, of course… and sunshine, April showers bring May flowers and boy do we have an overabundance of items with floral designs!

Our 25 00 square foot retail store is stocked wall to wall and it’s amazing how many items have flowers.

We are he largest consignment-style business in the area and we’re having a sale- 2 good reasons to visit us. High- 5 on that one!

Our Spring to Summer sale runs through the entire month of May and it includes 25 % OFF every item with a flower or a floral design on it- etched, carved, painted, imprinted, sewn, embossed- you name it.

That’s a lot of 2 ‘s and 5 ‘s. Oh, and… we’re open until 5 Wed thru Sun. Hope 2 see you soon!!

126 S Franklin Street West Chester PA