Happy Day to All the Amazing Moms

No matter where she goes, sheโ€™s always with you and guiding you with all her power. Motherโ€™s Day is a reminder to honor and celebrate the gifts she gave, the sacrifices she made, and all that she taught and continues to give and teach in body and spirit~ Life | Unconditional Love | Nurturing | Manners | Integrity | Strength | Determination | Endurance | Hope | Wisdom


Happy Motherโ€™s Day & praise to all Moms, Mother-figures & Mothers-to-be and prayers for those who have departed ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™

Wishing you a peaceful day from your friends at DishFunctional & Dish Too

What are your plans today? Our savings wheel is still spinning and weโ€™re holding a Momโ€™s lottery. Come try your luck! We are here until 3:00 today.