February has arrived. Is your glass half full or half empty?

Are you bothered because February has less days in it -or- are you happy we are getting one step closer to Spring?

If you were a Leap Year Baby, would you be bummed that you only have an actual birthday every four years or would you celebrate on the 28th and the 1st and feel free to divide your age by 4?

Is the Super Bowl a bunch of overpaid athletes tossing a ball around -or- is it a thrilling Sunday because you love football, creative and funny commercials, looking forward to half-time performances, or enjoy sharing chicken wings with your besties?

Is Valentine’s Day a day you dread, just another day -or- is it heaven because you are in a great relationship with yourself and you feel happy when love is celebrated or when you are around happy people?

Groundhog Day? Are you among those who scoff at the 35 to 40% historical accuracy of the weather forecast and an animal crawling out of a hole -or- do you think Punxsutawney Phil is adorable and happy to witness an event that boosts the economy in a town that hosts a tradition that brings people together?

Is it hocus-pocus -or- do you believe with enthusiasm that, according to astrology, the planets are aligning this month to create vibes that welcome new opportunities in love, friendships, a greater chance at monetary gain, and the luckiest day of February 2021 is the10th?

Whether the glass is half full or half empty, one thing is for sure….. ours is running over! Our shelves are overflowing with them (and quite a few other items)!!!

There’s a lot going on in February- Including our multiple sales! We’re taking 20% off any merchandise with the color red on it and 25% off all crystal. Bring us your positive vibes! We could all use them! Hope to see you soon!