A Timeless Duo With a Savory Reputation

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We’re taking you on a savory journey back in time to explore a pinch of salt history- the humble yet mighty seasoning that has shaped culinary traditions across cultures for centuries.

The discovery of salt as an edible spice predates recorded history, so it’s challenging to attribute it to a single individual. Salt has been a vital part of human diet and culture for thousands of years. Early humans likely discovered the taste of salt by consuming naturally salty foods like meat, seafood, and certain plants found near salt deposits or coastal areas. Over time, they would have recognized its ability to enhance flavor and preserve food. So, rather than a single discovery, the use of salt as an edible spice evolved gradually over millennia as part of human culinary and cultural development.

Salt, essential for life and flavor, holds a significant place in human history. From ancient times to the modern era, salt has been cherished for its preserving qualities, traded as currency, and revered as a symbol of purity and hospitality. In ancient civilizations like Egypt, salt was used in religious rituals and as a form of currency. The Greeks and Romans recognized its value in preserving food, while Chinese dynasties levied taxes on salt, leading to the creation of the Great Wall of China to enforce salt monopoly. In the Middle Ages, salt was so valuable it was often referred to as “white gold.”

Salt & Pepper: A timeless duo.
Fast forward to modern dining tables, and you’ll find salt and pepper reigning as the dynamic duo of seasoning. Pepper, once considered black gold due to its rarity and expense, joined salt as a staple on tables worldwide. But it’s not just about the taste; it’s about the presentation too! Enter the iconic salt and pepper shakers and salt cellars, which have graced tables for centuries, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to dining experiences.

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