Easta' Candy

Of a different sort.

Candy for the eyes, the ears and nostrils!


Spring is in the air

The weather is breaking. Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. And Easter is a hop skip and jump away! πŸ‡

While your whiffing the pleasures of Springtime, being serenaded by birds and tiptoeing through the tulips, turn the wheel toward Lincoln Court Shopping Plaza on Lancaster Avenue in Malvern, PA. Gather what you need from us, stop at one of the neat little restaurants for lunch or coffee, swing in the dollar store for odds and end supplies, and head to Giant to pick up your groceries. Sounds like a very productive one-fell-swoop. I was going to say something about killing birds with one stone but that sounded mean and would ruin the la-di-dah tiptoe vibe lol.

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Cover photo owned by The Swiss Colony - a confectionery business