Did you know people can buy words?

Literally! I’m not just talking about buying a vowel from Vanna White!

I mean actual words. Did you know the 2 words used to refer to the final playoff game of the National Football League is prohibited from use without express consent? Not the logo, the words.

If you crave a slice of American pie, you may want to try brainstorming simple words with origins that are completely unrelated to their use. Who knows, maybe you too could own and potentially make ridiculous amounts of moolah.

Who wants to play word soup?

What word precedes the word “duper”? Ok. Second word… what is the name of the thing you eat soup or cereal out of? Put them together and what do you have?

“S _ _ _ _ BOWL”

Just to be clear

(at the risk of indebtedness to a talking pig suey-ing me for some not-so- Latin words😂💸)

To those who can decipher Pig Latin…

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DishTOO Outlet

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Good luck to our home team