Customize Your Space | Painting and Refinishing Old Furniture 💫🖌

Are you looking to customize your living space on a professional interior designer level without breaking the bank? The art of refinishing old furniture can be your secret weapon! Transforming worn-out pieces into stunning, personalized masterpieces is not only creatively fulfilling but also budget-friendly. And here’s the exciting part: DishFunctional and Dish Too Outlet can lead you to incredible deals on name brands and quality vintage pieces. Combining and coordinating your furniture revamp journey with your existing furniture offers the incredible feel of a complete home makeover.

Before and after painted dresser with
stenciling by Kate Avery | Heir and Space

Embrace the Refinishing Magic. Retro and antique furniture holds stories and character, and with a little creativity, you can enhance their charm. Painting and refinishing are like giving your furniture a second chance.

Before and after painted dining
hutch by Sarah Trop | Fun Cycled Repurposed Designs

Sand away imperfections, choose a fresh color palette and apply a coat of paint to bring out a new personality. Refinishing allows you to express your style while preserving the craftsmanship of yesteryears.

DishFunctional & DishToo- Your Treasure Trove. Imagine stumbling upon a local haven that offers an array of unique finds at unbelievable prices. We are that place! It’s not just about dishes—this platform is a hidden gem for discovering unique furniture pieces waiting to be transformed. From tables to cabinets to consoles to chairs, you’ll uncover solid pieces with untapped potential. Keep your creative vision in mind as you explore the selection. DishFunctional Dish Too Outlet: Where Deals Await!

Once you’ve set your eyes on the perfect project piece, consider taking your treasure hunt to our stores. These hubs for remarkable deals on well-built furnishings are your gateway to scoring furniture that fits your style and budget. Imagine snagging a well-crafted china cabinet at a fraction of the original cost and converting it to a stunning coffee bar, book cabinet, or display center for collectibles;

Hutches and Armoires Upcycled to Coffee
BarsPhotos by Kasia Mikolajczak

Or a solid wood table that will last and serve your family and friends for many years. DishFunctional and Dish Too Outlet are your partners in creating a curated, high-end look without the high-end price tag.

Before and after painted kitchen table
set by Amber Corkin | Do It Yourself Lighthouse

Crafting Your Masterpiece. With your newly acquired furniture gem in hand, the real fun begins. Dive into painting techniques that suit your aesthetic. Distressing, color-blending, and stenciling are just a few ways to add a personalized touch. Using fun or dramatic wallpaper to accent the sides or line the drawers is a great way to add special touches that go a long way.

There are no rules or limits, so be daring! In art, sometimes what you think may be the worst mistake becomes the best feature of a masterpiece!

White distressed painted kitchen hutch with wallpaper
backing Design by Leanne Ford Interiors | Photo by Reid Rolls

Another great way to give furniture a facelift is to simply change the hardware, and watch it catapult your project from past to present right before your eyes. Remember, your piece’s history adds to its charm, so embrace imperfections that tell a story while enhancing its beauty.

Ornate drawer pull

A New Chapter for Your Space. As you place your finished furniture in your living space, you’ll revel in the transformation you’ve achieved, and you won’t be the only one to notice. Family and guests are sure to ask where you got the furniture and follow it up with a “how did you do that?”. Not only have you curated a unique look that reflects your personality, but you’ve also done it economically. Painting and refinishing old furniture with the assistance of DishFunctional and Dish Too Outlet is a testament to the art of finding value in the unexpected.

Blue and gold refinished antique vanity

Etsy Photo by DIY Down Yonder Decor

So, whether it’s a cozy reading nook, a stylish dining area, a revamped bedroom oasis, or a spa treatment for the bath, your journey to creating a personalized haven is within reach.

Painted dining hutch converted to bathroom linen
cabinet Photo by Kristen Hohenadel | The Spruce

Explore, restore, and bring new life to vintage treasures—all while keeping your budget in-check and reveling in the joy of creating something truly your own.

Our everyday prices at the Dishfunctional main store will delight you. We do also consider offers if you are a little short and really love something! We want you to have fun shopping with us and leave with a smile.

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