Calling all jewelry lovers ❤️📿 Save the date!!

Join us for the Limestone Basin Custom Jewelry Expo presented by a talented artisan inspired by the beauty and colors of nature.

Handmade jewelry will be on exhibit and for sale onsite at Dishfunctional for one day only. Mark your calendar for February 11, 2024 just in time for Valentine’s Day and for ♒Aquarius or ♓Pisces birthdays! Hours for this event are 11AM until 4PM.

The artist and curator is Alfred Rasch’s son-in-law, Andrew Verbovszky. Alfred is thrilled to showcase Andrew’s creativity! Please join us in supporting local talent in our community. Come discover one-of-a-kind pieces and let’s celebrate the beauty of handmade jewelry together!

💍Visit Limestone Basin on Instagram for a preview of Andrew’s amazing and original creations!

Handmade jewelry pendants

Stone pendant on silver chain necklace