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Counting Down to Spring: Crafting Enchanting Cloches with Dishfunctional Vintage Treasures 🪻

As winter’s chill begins to wane, and the promise of spring looms just 43 days away, what better way to usher in the season of rebirth than by bringing a touch of nature indoors?

Teacup birds nest cloche

Creating your own terrariums, enviro cakes, and observation domes can be a delightful and rewarding project, and Dishfunctional, the vintage store known for its unique finds, offers a treasure trove of glass domes, cake plates, vases, glass bowls, figurines, tea, and miniature collectibles to elevate your magical observatory and miniature ecosystems.

Glass coverings provide the perfect enclosure for your miniature worlds. They not only shield your terrarium from dust and create a greenhouse effect for live plants, but also create a visually stunning display. What sets Dishfunctional apart is its curated collection of china, figurines and miniature collectibles that can transform your project into a whimsical wonderland. Shop our stores and you’ll discover an array of sizes and shapes of items, allowing you to choose the perfect vessel and visually pleasing ingredients for a botanical masterpiece.

Tall glass jar with lid terrarium

Imagine tiny fairies nestled among vibrant mosses or miniature animals frolicking amidst lush greenery. Our vintage offerings add character and nostalgia to your creation, making each terrarium a unique piece of art.


Whether you’re a seasoned terrarium enthusiast or a beginner eager to explore this creative endeavor, we can provide the essential elements to make your project a success. From dainty ceramic animals to antique-inspired miniatures, our selection sparks inspiration and fuels your imagination.

Vintage dish cloche with plant and lamb figurine

To start your terrarium journey, gather materials like small pebbles/gravel/glass globs, potting soil, and, of course, your choice of plants and/or moss. Arrange the layers thoughtfully within the glass dome, creating a miniature landscape that tells a story. Add Dishfunctional’s vintage treasures strategically, ensuring each piece complements the overall theme.

Glass vase terraniums

As you assemble your terrarium, relish the anticipation of spring’s arrival. These miniature worlds not only bring a touch of nature indoors but also serve as a visual reminder of the beauty that awaits just beyond the frosty window panes.


With carefully curated vintage offerings, your terrarium becomes a conversation piece and a unique blend of nature and nostalgia. So, as you eagerly count down the days until spring, embark on this crafting journey and let us be your guide to creating enchanting terrariums and observatories that capture the essence of the season.

Vintage teacup terrarium with glass dome

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