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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with our Green and Red sale!

Before you go, check out these interesting theories about holiday colors…

“Red and green might be best known for their association with Christmas, but as it turns out, they were first linked to a different holiday: the winter solstice. (The history of the Christmas tree has roots in the winter solstice too.) Centuries ago, ancient Celtic people believed that holly plants brought beauty and good fortune in the middle of winter. As such, they’d regularly outfit their homes with the red and green plants as a way to promote a prosperous new year.

Over time, the Celtic habit of putting up red and green holly transformed into hanging red and green decorations as a whole. And thus, the idea of decking the halls with the merry colors became a passed down, well-known tradition across the world.” ~Country Living

“While red and green top the charts during the jolliest time of year, gold, blue, and white often follow suit. Gold symbolizes the gift from the three wise men, blue represents Mother Mary and the rich blue robes she was often seen in as a result of her wealth, and white links to the purity of Jesus himself.” ~Harper’s Weekly sited by Country Living

“By now you’re likely assuming that the only answers are Jesus and the ancient Celtics, but get this: Another big reason why red and green are such a major part of the holidays is thanks to—wait for it—Coca-Cola.

An advertising poster by Haddon Sundblom shows a young boy surprising Santa Claus.

In 1931, the cola company hired Haddon Sundblom, a Michigan-born illustrator, to bring Santa (not someone dressed up as Santa) to life in magazine ads. The result was a jolly, bearded man decked in red and white (his red outfit closely matching Coca-Cola’s red shade), surrounded by verbiage bordered in green. Sundblom’s ads—which showed Santa drinking Coke, delivering presents, and interacting with children—ran from 1931 to 1964. And although there were many illustrators and cartoonists who drew Santa before these ads ran (like Thomas Nast of Harper’s Weekly), these were the images that changed the way Americans imagined Santa and Christmas as a whole.” ~NPR sited by Country Living

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