College students wanted🎓

Hey Students!

Have you ever heard of us?

We want to introduce you to DishFUNctional- a discount store that buys and resells gently used merchandise. Here’s the thing… second-hand doesn’t always mean old. Put aside the idea of not liking old stuff. We think it will hit different when you come find something you like that’s unique or trending and inexpensive!. We have gucci top name brands like Pottery Barn. 🥰❤️

Whether you’re going into your first year in a dorm, moving into a college apartment, or moving to your first new place post-grad, we offer great prices and fabulous finds, period.

Decorating your home-away-from-home adds to the excitement and comfort of your college experience. 💯

Whether trendy decorating excites you or you want to express your individual sense of style, we got you. 🙌

We sell dishes & much more! We sell discount wall decor, photo frames, bookends, lamps, clocks, kitchen items, furniture, desk decor, baskets and more.

Stop by. If you like your visit, like or follow us on social media and let your fam know DF is fire!!🔥

Oh… we have a main store- plus a 60% off outlet store (Dish Too), and there’s a coffee shop, phone store, the DMV, dollar store, nail salon, restaurants, grocery store and more, in the same shopping center. Bring your list & make it a really productive day! 📝✔️

It’s an exciting time as you venture on to new beginnings! Good luck on your journey!

PS: We offer part-time help around school hours and during holidays. The salary is competitive, so keep that in mind too.

DishFUNctional Lincoln Court Shopping Center 225 Lancaster Avenue Malvern, PA

Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, Venmo & PayPal Accepted 💳

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Dishfunctional accepts 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. Expiration dates don’t apply. Use as many as you have!