Cars For Charity Drive September 24, 2023 🏎️

Nestled in the heart of our close-knit community, the picturesque town of Malvern is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, warm-hearted residents, and a strong spirit of togetherness. But what truly makes this town shine is its dedication to giving back.

The Third Annual Cars for Charity is fast approaching 💨

This vibrant, charitable car show promises to unite the town in support of a truly worthy cause: the HC Opportunity Center.

Cars for Charity isn’t just any car show; it’s a testament to Malvern’s commitment to making a positive impact. Each year, the town comes together to organize this event, showcasing an impressive array of automobiles that cater to every automotive enthusiast’s dream. But there’s more to this gathering than just shiny cars and engines.

The date to mark on your calendar is September 24, 2023. On this day, Malvern’s Three Ton Road will transform into a spectacle of horsepower and elegance. Classic cars, sleek modern vehicles, and even some unique, one-of-a- kind rides will grace the event, all for the greater good.

This year, Dishfunctional will also be revving up for this worthy cause. On September 24th, 24% of your purchase will also be donated to the HC Opportunity Center.

Driving Change: Benefiting the HC Opportunity Center

What sets Cars for Charity apart is its noble purpose. This event isn’t about competition or rivalry; it’s about compassion and support. Proceeds from the event go to the HC Opportunity Center, an organization that plays a pivotal role in our community.

The HC Opportunity Center: Empowering Lives

The HC Opportunity Center is a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities in our town. It’s an organization where dreams are nurtured, skills are honed, and opportunities are created. The center’s dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to empower these individuals, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives with independence and confidence.

A Community United

The spirit of Cars for Charity is truly heartwarming. It brings our community together, not only for a day of enjoyment but also as a collective force for good. It’s a reminder that even in a small town like Malvern, we can make a big difference when we come together.

Supporting the Cause

As the third annual Cars for Charity event approaches, we are encouraged to participate, whether as a spectator, a car enthusiast, or a donor. Our neighborly presence and support can help drive positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

🚗💨 So, mark your calendar and rev up your engines for September 24, 2023. Join residents and the town of Malvern in bringing Cars for Charity back around. Let’s show the world that even a small town can make a huge impact when its residents come together for a worthy cause. Together, we can drive change and ensure a brighter future for neighbors in need, thanks to this third annual event benefiting the HC Opportunity Center.

🚙 💨 If you wheel over to Dishfunctional, you will contribute further to this worthy cause. On September 24th, 24% of all purchases will be donated to the HC Opportunity Center. We’re open Sundays from 11am until 3pm

Ready, set, go….