‘20 was a challenging year and a time for reflection and prioritizing what is important. It was also a good time to get organized and do some Spring cleaning for some people!

Maybe you inventoried what you have or rearranged your home or found ideas on how to redecorate?! Are you looking to find that one special item to fill the perfect spot? Did you want to tackle an even larger project and switch to an entirely different color or style?

Maybe the kids played indoor ball and knocked over a lamp or your favorite vase? OR maybe, like me, you love finding new things at bargain prices!

This is our final sales announcement of the year. We are offering a 35% OFF end-of-year discount tomorrow through December 31st. This sale applies to every item in our entire store! If there is something you need and you can’t find it, please ask. We have an endless inventory of items brought in regularly and a whole separate catalog of items stored and sold on eBay.

We look forward to the day when masks are only popular on Halloween and at festivals and masquerade parties! Until then, we’re all in it together with our adorned face coverings, which we will be wearing for you and ask that you do the same for us. Whatever reason brings you here to see us, it is guaranteed to put a great big smile on our faces- and hopefully yours too!!

If you are new to us, check us out on social media and read what other people are saying. We hope it makes you want to stop by!

…..please 2021, lets leave the pandemic behind!

Thank you to the medical community and all of the healthcare workers tirelessly working to keep things under control.

Alfred Rasch


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