Located in the center of Pennsylvania in the town of Malvern, Dishfunctional is a top-tier vintage retail shop that offers crystal products. We provide a carefully chosen assortment of crystal that is distinct in both appeal and inventiveness. Crystal holds a special place in the field of home design. It is undeniably a brilliant and unique decorative art. We don’t just sell crystal. We offer customers the opportunity to find affordable show-stopping stemware and centerpieces that add elegance and sophistication to the home.

Crystal is the crème de la crème of housewares and easily transforms average settings into an amazing sight. Whether used to create stunning chandeliers, fine drinkware, or elaborate home décor, crystal exudes a timeless elegance and is complementary to all styles. Interior spaces are enhanced with a touch of elegance and refinement, thanks to the captivating dance created by the movement of light through crystal facets.

Dishfunctional is dedicated to providing a wide selection of crystal pieces, so that clients may discover the ideal accents to enhance their spaces and create dazzling visuals.


What is Crystal Made of?

Crystal is made from a mixture of silica (sand), lead oxide, and other additives. The addition of lead oxide is a defining characteristic of traditional crystal and contributes to its unique qualities such as clarity, brilliance, and the ability to be cut into intricate patterns. The lead content in crystal gives it a higher refractive index than regular glass, allowing it to sparkle when exposed to light.

The capacity of crystal to capture and refract light to create a stunning and sophisticated effect is well-known. Crystal’s artistic appeal is further enhanced by the skill with which it is cut and shaped into a variety of forms, such as stemware, ornaments, and decorative items. Crystal is also widely used in the production of lighting fixtures. Crystal chandeliers, for example, are iconic celebratory focal points that cast dazzling light reflections throughout a room, creating an atmosphere of opulence and grandeur. The versatility of crystal extends to various forms of home décor, including vases, bowls, and sculptures, where its timeless beauty adds a touch of glamour to different interior spaces.

The most popular application for crystal is in the production of barware and drinkware, which includes champagne flutes, wine glasses, water goblets, drinking glasses, and other elegant tableware.

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