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Costume Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a special piece to add to an outfit, or simply want to add to your jewelry collection, you will find a variety of affordable costume jewelry selections here at Dishfunctional in Malvern, PA. We offer a unique and ever-changing variety of vintage jewelry  so you are sure to find something you love.


Wonderful Selection of Costume Jewelry

We purchase a wide range of items, offering you a variety of options. We maintain a solid inventory of multiple styles and price points for you to choose from- making it fun to shop our affordable jewelry. Best of all, our assortment  is always growing and changing, so you can stop by again and again to browse  new items.

What is Costume Jewelry?

Costume jewelry has been around for more than 100 years. It got its start in Europe, where jewelry makers began using less expensive stones to recreate pieces of jewelry that all budgets could afford. Different types of materials are used to replace gemstones. For example, glass or cubic zirconia may be used as an inexpensive alternative to diamonds. Because costume jewelry is so affordable, you can own an unlimited diverse collection of pieces without breaking the bank. So Many Ways to Use Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is versatile and there are many creative options when it comes to using it. First and foremost, opting to wear it in the traditional way. Necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, and more can complement many types of outfits and can revive or add the perfect touch to clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Costume jewelry is often a great choice for adding personality to your daily wardrobe or the perfect touch to a special occasion outfit.

Think about adding a beautiful vintage pin to the bodice of a prom dress to make it more appealing. Other ways to use costume jewelry include playing dress-up or for making costumes. Costume jewelry makes a great gift for friends and family members. Our diverse collection allows you to find the perfect  piece of jewelry that will match the style and personality of the recipient.

Tips for Choosing Costume Jewelry

Shopping for discount costume jewelry is a fun and rewarding experience. The journey begins with exploring the styles and piece type. The size and length are important factors as well. For instance, wrist sizes or outfit necklines are a consideration for necklace and bracelet lengths. Vintage jewelry stands the test of time, but nothing is more disappointing than bringing home a great piece of jewelry to find that it is damaged, or the clasp doesn’t work, so a good inspection is important.  Some minor defects are easily fixed and often upcycled and  revived as a do-it-yourself craft project. If you are starting or adding to a costume jewelry collection, selection goes beyond style, color and damage.   Preferred materials, the quality of the piece and whether dull pieces will clean up to their original sparkle once you take them home and give them some TLC.

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Dishfunctional is your local and online resource for all your vintage costume jewelry needs. We have been offering a wide selection of unique items since 1999. Visit our store, located in Malvern, PA, and browse our extensive selection of jewelry, home décor and other collectibles.

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