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If you are a book lover or collector, shopping for books can be a pleasure. Whether you are looking for a specific title or just browsing, it is fun to look through interesting titles to find something you like. At Dishfunctional, we have a wide variety of great books, with selections changing all the time. Enthusiasts and collectors can pick up pre-owned books at a fraction of the original prices.

Popular categories of fiction and non-fiction books include:

  • Romance
  • Biography
  • Children’s
  • Sports
  • How-to
  • Science fiction
  • Self-help
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • History
  • Cookbooks

Vintage Books

Vintage and pre-owned books are those discounted gems gently loved by someone else before they make their way to your bookshelf. Shopping for pre-owned books is a great way to recycle. Another rewarding advantage is that some vintage titles are collectible. Searching and discovering books in your area(s) of interest is satisfying. Many older titles maintain interest and continue to be sought after, with some being in high demand or rare to find. You will find a diverse and entertaining selection of books here at Dishfunctional. Best of all, we are always adding new inventory for your shopping pleasure and to make each hunt exciting.

Classic and Collectible Books

Classic or collectible books are items you may want to add to your bookshelf. When you search for collectible books, check the first page or “title page” to find out whether the book is a first edition. Generally, first-editions are most desired by book collectors. The condition of a book and its dust cover, and any damage or signs of wear, are important factors. But don’t discredit the value based on condition, as some collectable books are so old and rare that they hold value and are worth something anyway. You never know when you’ll come across a rare collectible or classic. Sometimes, searching for titles you want is a great deal of fun. It’s thrilling to locate books you have been hunting for and discover ones you didn’t know about.

You Can Never Have Too Many Books

If you are a book lover, you may live by the “you can never have too many books” adage. This is especially true when shopping for previously owned books that are often quite inexpensive. It allows you the freedom to pick up more books of interest without emptying your wallet. If you do find the need to make room on your bookshelf, remember you can donate some for others to enjoy as much as you did. If you maintain a lifetime list of the books you’ve read, don’t forget to add the titles and authors you enjoyed before you donate any.

Shopping for Books

When shopping for books, it is a good idea to carry a list of titles or authors you like and keep it with you. A list serves as a convenient reminder when you start browsing for literary treasures. When shopping in person, take the opportunity to leaf through to verify the condition and the pages are intact. Sometimes pages become discolored with age but doesn’t hinder legibility. Typically, “good condition” means the book has minimal wear and tear but may have some minor marks or color changes.

The next time you are in the market to satisfy your craving for a variety of books, look no further than Dishfunctional. We offer a diverse collection of books for all interests. Visit Dishfunctional in the Lincoln Court Shopping Center, located at 225 Lancaster Ave., Malvern, PA and dive right in to our expanded book section.

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