Oil painting


When you are looking for interesting items to fill your walls and home, you will want to look at our ever-changing collection of artwork. At DishFunctional, we offer a wide selection of artwork, and we have something to suit every taste and style. Artwork generally includes a variety of types of art, such as paintings, prints, and sculptures. It is fun to browse through our artwork to find something that catches your eye.


Styles of Artwork

When it comes to artwork, there are a multitude of styles to choose from, including contemporary, impressionism, abstract, and realism, to name a few. When selecting artwork, consider pieces that complement the overall style of your room and align with your existing collection. Paying attention to color is an important consideration, as vibrant art can transform the look and feel of your space, while subtle soft colors may help ground it. Choosing artwork than effortlessly mixes and matches well with your other décor creates a harmonious aesthetic.

Lithographs and Paintings

Paintings are mostly done on canvas. Lithographs are a printed version of original artwork and often produced as limited editions to increase their value. A limited edition is often signified by a notation at the bottom of the print. It may be challenging for a novice art collector to distinguish the difference between an authentic original painting versus a lithograph or print, especially if the painting is framed under glass. A painting is usually more valuable than a print. Age, original signatures and the name and status of an artist are contributing factors in determining value. When examining a piece of artwork, look to see if there is paint raised above the surface of the canvas or other background material, indicating a painting.

Tips for Choosing Artwork

When you are in the market for artwork, there are a few things to consider and keep in mind. Think about where you want to hang or place the art and choose the size that best fits the location. Be creative about color and design. Bring along the dimensions of a room or wall that you are looking to fill and a tape measure for measuring the artwork. When you find pieces that speak to you, try to visualize where they will fit into your home decor. If you aren’t a visualizer, it’s helpful to bring photos of the room or space you are looking to add to.

Artwork Frames and Placement

Hanging artwork on the walls can dramatically improve the look of your home. When you place artwork on a prominent wall, it becomes a focal point.

There are many options when it comes to placing artwork in your home. Size and shape are important, as is deciding a particular space should be filled with one large piece or if it’s better suited for several smaller pieces. What you find when you shop may determine that decision for you. If you set out for a large work of art but find smaller coordinating pieces you love in the process, groupings are a wonderful way to fill a space.

If you are looking to purchase affordable artwork, secondhand stores, auctions and yard sales are great options to consider. When shopping preowned, you may find the art you like but the frame throws you off or doesn’t coordinate with your decor. You can easily change the frame it or paint it a different color that better suits your preferences. Some types of artwork, such as wood art and posters, don’t necessarily require a frame at all, and can easily be removed.

No matter what type of art you prefer or the style of artwork you need, Dishfunctional is an excellent source for affordably priced pieces. We have so much art inventory that we ran out of wall space in the store, so please don’t hesitate to share with us what you are looking to find. There is a good and highly probable chance that we have artwork that will satisfy your needs. Visit Dishfunctional in the Lincoln Court Shopping Center, located at 225 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA.

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