What is Dishfunctional & How Can They Help Me Find What I Need?

Dishfunctional has been helping people spruce up their spaces with vintage finds for over 20 years.

In 1999, Dishfunctional was established as an eBay store that sold dishes, china, crystal, stemware, and flatware. Nearly 20 years later, its inventory has expanded, and today, it is a full retail business in the corner of a warehouse. Today, it is here that shoppers can immerse themselves in a unique experience in Malvern, Pennsylvania, just a short way away from where it all began. Alfred Rasch, the owner of Dishfunctional, can help you find whatever you need for your space, too.

Three Amazing Locations

Dishfunctional still holds true to its grassroots and continues to operate as an eBay store. However, with the expansion in recent years, there are two other inventories as well, making sure that everyone will find the vintage decor, furniture, and dishes they need for their home. In addition to eBay, you can also check out our Amazon Book Store or our physical location in the Lincoln Court Shopping Center on Lancaster Avenue.

The online stores are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Order merchandise right from the site or reserve it online and pick it up locally, avoiding the cost of shipping. Sellers can also contact Alfred Rasch, the “Chief Finder of Objects,” to book an appointment and add to the ever-growing inventory.

How Can Dishfunctional Help You?

Alfred Rasch is known as the Chief Finder of Objects for a reason. He has spent the last 23 years forging relationships and building a clientele of customers and sellers alike. With an eye for all that is beautiful, Alfred combs through estate sales to find unique figurines, jewelry, collectibles, furniture, and more and then offers them to customers in price ranges for all budgets.

Customers know that when they shop with Dishfunctional, they will not only find the unique items they have been searching for but also have fun looking through the fabulous finds. With new inventory coming in all the time, customers never know what they will find, but they always know that they will leave with beautiful and interesting items.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a resident of Pennsylvania to enjoy all that Dishfunctional has to offer. You can find them on just about any social media platform to get a sneak peek at new inventory or to take advantage of the many deals offered. Of course, to check out their full inventory, you can head over to the shop’s main website at www.dishfun.com.

Check Out Our Full Inventory at Dishfunctional Today

Those who live locally love to take their time browsing around the store and finding some of the most interesting finds. Still, even if you do not live locally, there are many ways to enjoy what Dishfunctional has to offer online. Call us now at 484-328-8401, check us out online today and see all the beautiful items we have to offer.