Vintage Decor Ideas for Any Style

Whether you are trying to spruce up a bedroom, kitchen, or any other space, vintage decor is an easy way to do it.

Decorating with vintage decor will add a sense of history and time to your style, but it is not necessary to go full-on antiques in order to achieve the look you want. The key is to blend salvaged decor, flea market accessories, and antique furnishings with your current design to create a customized mix of the old and the new! Below are tips you can use to add vintage decor to any room of your home.

How to Bring Vintage Decor Into the Living Room

Having vintage home decor in modern living room furniture gives a unique and layered look. Whether vintage or brand new, regularly used furniture should be sturdy and most vintage furniture stands the test of time Then, choose thrift store finds and antiques as accent pieces, such as a coffee table or small side tables. To fix up empty walls, mount a flea market find as standalone art or hang framed vintage posters that work well with your color scheme.

Using Vintage Decor to Spruce Up a Bedroom

Bringing vintage decor into the bedroom, such as accessories and furniture, can create a comfortable and casual ambiance. Mixing and matching styles, textures and colors is the latest trend that allows for versatility and flexibility when your taste includes multiple styles. You can tie it all together with accent pieces that complement one another to achieve a cohesive look. A small antique rug on each side of the bed can add a splash of color, while vintage artwork hung above a dresser can add a point of interest.

Using Vintage Textiles as Decor

Tea towels and grain sacks make great decorative pillowcases, and an old quilt can work as a wall hanging to bring a dash of vintage decor into a modern space. Antique blankets and curtains can take the place of modern fabric on a covered headboard. Think outside of the box and use vintage textiles in unique ways to allow you to incorporate fun retro items without dating your home.

Vintage Home Decor in Dining Spaces

Neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for vintage home decor, such as a rustic bench or table. Add unique and inviting details from ceiling to table. Shed some light on your dining area with an antique light fixture that serves as a conversation piece. Add pops of color and charm to your space with functional vintage bowls.

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