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Since 1999

Vintage Collage DishFunctional

We are in the business of nurturing fond memories while offering a fun shopping experience. Some of our merchandise may send you down memory lane or on a trip to a happy time. I want to highlight beautiful moments in your life by finding as many props as I can to help you do just that!


What's in our name? You guessed it. I started out selling dishes. I now bring dishes & functional vintage décor, jewelry, and unique collectibles to the table. Whether you are setting the table or the stage, it is so much fun to beautify your home at a discount and score some bling as an added bonus! Dazzle us with your presence and shop our fully functional showcase of merchandise. 


We are excited to announce our all new DishToo outlet store- an extension of DishFunctional.  It is conveniently located in the same shopping plaza, so pop-in to our new pop-up store the next time you visit us. We love what we do here at DishFun and Dish Too.  I hope you do too!             

 Alfred Rasch, CFO
("Chief Finder of Objects")



MON thru SAT 10 to 6

SUN 11 to 3


General Questions, Email Us at:

If You Have Items to Sell or Donate,
Email Us (AFTER June 1, 2023) at:

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